Nissan & Star Wars


Nissan & Star Wars "Rogue One" 

Nissan teamed up with Star Wars and their charity Force For Change to create a national toy drive. Our 360 campaign ran across Nissan and Disney properties for 3 months including a stop-motion film, celebrity partnerships on national TV, the LA Auto Show and Rogue One film premiere.   


Celebrity Partnerships

Our toy drive was promoted on Amazon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Good Morning America and included Celebrity "Go Rogue" vignettes starring Ken Jeong and ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Charles Woodson. All content pushed to our custom Amazon homepage for online donations.


Nissan's Best Performing Banner

Our interactive takeover transported YouTubers into the Star Wars: Rogue One galaxy ahead of the film's trailer-release to battle test the Nissan Rogue. The banner performed well above standard benchmarks with a 12% engagement rate and 260K engaged interactions in just a few hours. As an additional element of excitement, users who interacted with the banner were given a sneak preview of unreleased characters, costumes, and spaceships within the animations. 


Social & Digital 


LA Auto Show & Movie Premiere

Working closely with our clients, we helped release the Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition Nissan Rogue at the LA Auto Show. As part of Nissan's display, we designed custom Star Wars Rogue One wraps that were so successful they were sent on a PR circuit of events including the premiere. 



Market share up by 10.6%
Record SUV car sales up 300%
Voted one of the top associated brands with the film in a cluttered market
Thousands of toy donations (and happy children)



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Agency:  TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles
Creative Team:  Jason Locey, Jason Ambrose, Travis Swingler, Steven Townsend, Forrest Boleyn & Sarah Romanoff